Engineered Systems

We have partnered with Dooley Tackaberry (DTI), a world leader in the provision of fire and personnel protection solutions for the petrochemical industry, refining & oil and gas exploration industry, power generation industryand airport safety and other municipal fire and rescue units.

We’ll help coordinate the design and implementation of specialized engineered systems:

• Airport Fire Suppression

• Fire detection and Control Integrated Systems
• Foam Fire Fighting Agents and Equipment
• Mist fire suppression Systems
• And much more

BSI Safety has access to DTI’s capabilities and can provide an extensive portfolio of engineered systems that include:


Breathing Air Systems
Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
Deluge/Water Spray Systems
Dry Chemical Systems
Fire Pump Systems
Foam Systems
HF and Ammonia Vapor Mitigation Systems
High and Low-Pressure Carbon Dioxide Systems
Remote-Controlled Fire Monitored Systems
Sprinkler Systems
Underground Fire and Water Distribution Systems
Water Mist Systems
Water Supply Requirement Analysis


Combustible and Toxic Gas Detection Systems
Conventional and Addressable Fire and Smoke Detection Systems
Evacuation Alarm Systems
Graphic Alarm Annunciation Systems
Integrated Fire and Gas Detection Systems
Network Systems
PLC-Based Control Systems

Pipe Fabrication:

Carbon Steel
Copper Nickel
Pipe Spools
Stainless Steel
Super Duplex